CRO Explained – A simple guide

CRO Explained - A simple guide

What is CRO you may well ask – and to be fair it is a good question. It stands for Conversion Rate Optimisation and this rather popular buzz worthy acronym has been around for a while. CRO is a is essentially the process you go through to create an experience for those people who visit your website. This should be so good that they end up being converted from merely visitors to customers. It sounds simple enough, but because there are a number of different ways in which these conversions can be measured it really depends on your goals for your website.


This is what you do to convince your visitors to take action; these actions can be signing up to a website, browsing the website, booking an appointment or ordering something.

CRO is unique to each company. You don’t need to worry what others are up to; what you want to understand is what you are hoping to achieve. Whether this is 100 new signups, or 2 appointments; every campaign you run should always have a goal.

Ultimately, it’s about looking at the figures you are measuring the take up rate against the number of people who ignore you and this will be give you an idea of where you need to optimise things. Need some help? We’re just the people to ask!