Digital strategy – do you have one?

Digital strategy - do you have one?

A digital marketing strategy is absolutely imperative to any business that markets products or services online, but few small businesses have one. If you have been looking at digital strategies but simply don’t know where to start, then here are just a few tips to help you begin.


Your digital strategy doesn’t need to be complicated. What you do need is a set of goals and objectives that you are looking to fulfil. This might seem a rather simplistic approach, yet it is one that not all businesses have in place, even in its simplest form.

Know your online market

You might think that you know your market, but do you know your online market? The two can be very different. The dynamics that apply to digital marketing are very different from those used for non-digital channels. It is important that you understand these differences and can target your marketing online accordingly.


It is important to allocate sufficient resources to your online marketing strategy. This is a long-term project and something that will need both time and resources in order to achieve continued positive outcomes for your business. If you really don’t have time or aren’t sure what you’re doing, then enlisting the help of a business that specialises in this area can help put together a digital marketing strategy that will bring results.