SEO – The 4 Biggest Myths

SEO - The 4 Biggest Myths

It is all too easy to misunderstand just how important SEO still is to your business. Here are just 4 of the biggest myths out there, and these are certainly things you want to make note of.

1.It doesn’t work

If you believe this then you need to look at what you are doing wrong, or how long your strategy to improve your SEO has been in place. It might be true that if you have only tried SEO for a couple of weeks you may not have seen any benefits, but like so many things in life good SEO takes time to reap the rewards.

2.We don’t need to do SEO again

If you already worked on SEO, don’t fall for the myth that you don’t need to do it again. It’s a continual thing that you need to keep working at. Keep your content and your site itself updated and current.

3.Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are great for helping with your SEO. A few carefully placed keywords that is. Using too many, however, is known as keyword stuffing. If Google pick up on this, they will consider it spamming. Sometimes less is more.

4.Keywords should be in the title

As mentioned above, keywords are good, but you certainly don’t need to put them all in your title. In fact, doing so will usually result in a title that is too long and makes little sense. Research your keywords and then consider their placement carefully. Good content should include keywords but read well and provide value.

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