Why market local when the internet is global

Why market local when the internet is global

In an increasingly global society consumers love the idea of buying local, whether that local produce from the market or local services – it’s nice to feel like you are investing in your local area and giving something back.

Whilst it is true that the internet is global and marketing your products on a global basis is no harder than marketing locally, there are some obstacles, language being one and the market elsewhere being another.

Marketing services

Obviously marketing your services on a local basis makes sense in some circumstances, especially when the service you provide is one that necessitates visiting the client or the client visiting you. Anyone searching for a plumber on the internet is going to search for one that is local to them, a plumbing company on the other side of the world is of little use.

Marketing products

Marketing products is a little different, after all you can ship things all over the world relatively quickly and with little hassle, however marketing locally is still a good option. The extra work and complications involved, especially if you are a smaller company, may simply not be worth the added complications that marketing globally will bring.

How to do it

A great digital marketing company knows how to optimise your website for local marketing, ensuring that when people in your vicinity search for a product and/or service like yours, your website is one of the first they’ll see.